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Glenwalk Frequently Asked Questions on Weekends

QUESTION: What is the refund policy on weekends?
ANSWER: Unless otherwise advised, the refund policy for weekends and other events organised by Glenwalk is as follows:
1. Full Refund: if cancellation is made 4 weeks before weekend/event or if a replacement is found at any time.
2. 50% Refund: if notice of cancellation is given between 4 and 2 weeks prior to weekend/event.
3. 0% Refund: if cancellation is made within 2 weeks prior to weekend/event (unless you get a replacement).

QUESTION: May I bring a friend or close family member on a Glenwalk walk or weekend?
ANSWER: No. Every person who attends an official Glenwalk event must be a paid-up Glenwalk member. This rule applies to Glenwalk week-ends, meals, official walks and other official events.

QUESTION: I am thinking of visiting the area of the next Glenwalk weekend. May I attend an official Glenwalk walk during the weekend?
ANSWER: Yes. Club members are welcome on all Glenwalk walks but they must not bring non-members along with them. Non-members are not insured.

QUESTION: I am a thinking of visiting the area of the next Glenwalk weekend. May I decide to pay for a Glenwalk meal during the weekend?
ANSWER: No. All bookings must be made prior to the weekend in the normal way using the Glenwalk online payment system. The only payment options available are those displayed on the Glenwalk website. Note also that “meal only” options may not always be available.