Glenwalk  Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: When does the new membership year start? 

ANSWER: Membership opens on 1st November each year.

QUESTION: How can I apply for membership of Glenwalk?

ANSWER: You can apply to join Glenwalk through our website at any time during the membership year. If this link is unavailable, it means our membership is currently closed and will reopen on 1st November. We do not operate a waiting list.

QUESTION: Does Glenwalk provide transport to the walk start?

ANSWER: No, transport by bus or car is not provided and members make their own arrangements to get to the walk starts. As walk starts are often in remote locations public transport is not available. In normal times, members are encouraged to car pool at a meeting point in Co. Wicklow and offer lifts to other members. Details of the specific car pool locations are announced by email in advance of the walks.

QUESTION: What about insurance?

ANSWER: Glenwalk is not insured but all members are insured as members of Mountaineering Ireland. Club members are advised to check the insurance page of Mountaineering Ireland for details of their policy. Queries should be directed to Mountaineering Ireland.

QUESTION: Do I receive a membership card?

ANSWER: Glenwalk is affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland and each member receives a Mountaineering Ireland Card. Requests for replacement of lost or stolen cards should be directed to Mountaineering Ireland. As a member of Mountaineering Ireland you will also receive a copy of their quarterly Mountain Log magazine.

QUESTION: Who do I contact if I change my address?

ANSWER: You should change your profile information by logging into your profile on the Glenwalk site, You should also inform Mountaineering Ireland (MI) to ensure that your copy of Mountain Log is posted to the correct address. This can be done on the MI website under “Change of Address” on the bottom of the homepage.  You will need your MI membership number on your membership card. If  you have any queries contact MI directly at

QUESTION: What is the membership refund policy?

ANSWER: Only in exceptional circumstances, a membership refund may be given at the discretion of the Committee.

QUESTION: Who manages the club?

ANSWER: The club is managed by a voluntary Committee which is elected at the Club AGM.

QUESTION: How do I receive Club updates such as Walk notices and events?

ANSWER: The Club Committee provides members with ongoing updates by email which includes walk notices and updates on key events.  Notices and bookings for Club events such as weekends away are on the Club website.


QUESTION: What are the different levels of walks and how long do they take?

ANSWER: There are typically 3 – 4 walk levels on offer.  The Club walk levels are:

Walk Level

Average Distance

Average Height Gain

Average Duration (hours)


6 to 12 Km

   500 metres

  4 – 5

Medium Slow

8 to 15 Km

   700 metres

 4.5 – 5


10 to 16 Km

   900 metres

 4.5 – 5

Medium Fast

13 to 20 Km

1,200 metres

  4.5 – 6


QUESTION: Can I do a “trial walk” with Glenwalk before applying for membership?

ANSWER: No the Club does not offer “trial walks” before joining.  All participants on Club walks must be fully paid up Glenwalk members.
QUESTION: May I bring a friend or close family member on a Glenwalk walk before joining?

ANSWER: No. All participants on Club walks must be fully paid up Glenwalk members.

QUESTION: May I bring my dog along on a Glenwalk walk?

ANSWER: We love animals but no dogs are permitted on Club walks.


QUESTION: How do I obtain a username and password to check walks and events?

ANSWER: When you join Glenwalk you will receive a username and password in the welcome email. If you have forgotten the details just click on the “Forgot your username” or “Forgot your password” links on the Members Login area of the homepage and follow the instructions sent to your email.

QUESTION: Can I change my password and user details?

ANSWER: Yes. Click on “Your Details” under the User Menu after login, located on the bottom left of the homepage.


QUESTION: What is the refund policy on weekends?

ANSWER: Unless otherwise advised, the refund policy for weekends and other events organised by Glenwalk is as follows:
1. Full Refund: if cancellation is made 4 weeks before weekend/event or if a replacement is found at any time.
2. 50% Refund: if notice of cancellation is given between 4 and 2 weeks prior to weekend/event.
3. 0% Refund: if cancellation is made within 2 weeks prior to weekend/event (unless you get a replacement).

QUESTION: May I bring a friend or close family member on a Club walk or Club weekend?

ANSWER: No. Every person who attends an official Glenwalk event must be a paid-up Glenwalk member. This rule applies to Glenwalk weekends, meals, official walks and other official events.

QUESTION: I am thinking of visiting the area of the next Glenwalk weekend. May I attend an official Club walk during the weekend?

ANSWER: Yes. Club members are welcome on all Glenwalk walks but they must not bring non-members along with them.

QUESTION: I am a thinking of visiting the area of the next Glenwalk weekend. May I decide to pay for a Glenwalk meal during the weekend?

ANSWER: No. All bookings must be made prior to the weekend in the normal way using the Glenwalk online payment system. The only payment options available are those displayed on the Glenwalk website. Note also that “meal only” options may not always be available.


QUESTION: I am a Glenwalk member, how can I advertise an event to the other Glenwalk members?

ANSWER: If you are a fully paid up member of Glenwalk you can advertise a charity fundraiser or an unofficial walking event or sailing activity using one or both of the two methods listed below.
(It may take a week or two before your request can be processed so send it in early.)

Website Noticeboard Format

Event/Item: 10 words maximum for title
Description: 50 words maximum to describe the event
Contact: Name, Email, Web Address, Phone Number, Address etc.,

Send us a 1 or 2 line description of your event which will be emailed to members in the general email update: e.g. “I am organising a disco in aid of……….see website notice board for details”.

QUESTION: I am a Glenwalk member, how can I advertise selling some of my old hillwalking equipment?

ANSWER:  The purpose of the Club’s noticeboard is for Club members to advertise events such as charity fundraisers, unofficial walking events, sailing activity or similar outdoor pursuits.  The notice board is not intended for advertising the sale of goods.