Glenwalk Walk Levels / Average Guidelines

Note that walks and events are for current paid up members only. Random membership spot checks will take place at walk starts so please bring your Glenwalk M.I. Card on all walks. Please go to Members Login to view all walks.

The Club will endeavour to organise 3 to 4 walks for every “Main Sunday”. If a leader is available, there will occasionally be a Fast Walk.  The guidelines for average grading is as follows:


Grade Average Distance Average Height Gain Average Duration




6 – 12 km


500 metres


4 to 5 hours


Medium Slow



8 – 15 km


700 metres


4.5 to 5 hours


Medium Medium



10 – 16 km


900 metres


4.5 to 5 hours


Medium Fast



13 – 20+ km


1,200 metres


4.5 to 6+ hours