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Car Pooling

We ask club members to car pool as often as possible, to protect the environment and because parking at walk starts is often extremely limited. Please volunteer and offer a lift if you can. If you receive a lift, it is customary to offer your driver a coffee/cuppa in the pub after the walk. Payment should not be expected for car pooling on our regular Sunday walks.

As each walk can finish at different times, it is important to car pool with someone on the same walk, otherwise you might have a lengthy wait at the walk finish. If this can’t be arranged at the car pooling point, please try to transfer your bags to another car at the walk start and arrange to meet your driver at the pub venue after the walk.

Details of our car pooling points are detailed below. Only in exceptional circumstances should a driver arrive at the Walk Start alone.  When parking at designated car pooling points please have consideration for business premises in the vicinity.

The car pool meets at a designated meeting point, which is announced in the Members’ Newsletter and on the Walks Calendar.