From the Environment Desk

Look who I saw sunning himself at the edge of a bog pool on the blanket bog below Kippure on Saturday.  The common lizard is a very small shy creature and one of the many unusual creatures that inhabit our beautiful uplands.  During our clean up walks on Sunday in Glenmalure you will be asked to help collect litter during your hike or in the vicinity of the Baravore parking area.  (Yes, there will be prizes for the most litter collected).   This is one way we can help keep our upland areas pristine for native species such as this viviparous pictured below.  It is the  only species of lizard in Ireland and we are encouraged to report sightings to Biodiversity Ireland (  That’s not the only unusual creature inhabiting our upland bogs.  During your hike on Sunday, keep your eyes open and your ears alert for the likes of Kestrels, Grouse, and Hares, not to mention Deer.

If you would like to contribute important information about sightings of illegal dumping and fly tipping (even in your suburban area), why not download the “See It Say It” App.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll be helping keep our uplands the special place of beauty we love.