Glenwalk over the Years

Photos marking 21 years of Glenwalk in 2023

Gear and Equipment Advice for Glenwalk Members

by Hugon Introduction When you walk with a group of people or a hillwalking club, you have a responsibility to the entire group to be properly equipped. Having the correct gear will also make your walking experience more enjoyable. However, in addition to that there is a safety issue, as incorrectly equipped walkers can lead […]

Choosing The Right Rucksack

If you’re new to hillwalking you may find that your trusty backpack no longer works for those long days on the hills. You may have found there’s not enough space, or you don’t have time to take off your pack to rummage for what you need. You do want to be able to carry the […]

What is Hypothermia and Why Should We Care?

Hypothermia occurs when the core temperature of the body falls below 35°C. This can happen during a day out in the mountains if you’re not properly dressed/equipped. There are several sub types of hypothermia, in the mountains the main type you might come across is Exposure Hypothermia. This generally occurs over several hours following exposure to […]

Ticks – A note from the environment desk

Ticks are a comparatively recent threat to our hillwalking enjoyment. Why?  Because some of them cause Lyme Disease.  While it’s not a common infection, it’s a very serious one and, undiagnosed, it can cause serious health problems for sufferers, including joint inflammation, numbness and temporary paralysis.  In the latter stages of the disease it can […]