Halloween Fancy Dress Dinner


Halloween Fancy Dress

Sunday 29th of October 2017

The Castlecourt Hotel, Westport

Theme: Game of Thrones / Medieval Style


Dust out your cobwebs folks! The Halloween team are Super excited about the Fancy dress dinner this year…!!

Its really going to be great fun..

Time to LET GO

and have some fun….



For those of you feeling a little worried or unsure

Try not to….


Remember – It’s all just a bit of fun!


“Dressing up allows everyone to be silly & have lots of fun”

…..and don’t forget – we are all in this together!






Glenwalk’s first Halloween dinner was 3 years ago in the little town of Cahir.

 I remember out walking over the Saturday & Sunday and people asking about the impending fancy dress dinner party. They were asking about costumes, whether it was full on dress up or just a wig and mask thing. I could hear the worry in people’s voices, the worry of standing out, looking silly, worry of either over dressing or under dressing. Some people had even brought 2 costumes so they could cover both scenarios, just in case! 

Sunday evening arrived and I remember at one point while in the hotel room getting ready, I could hear noises and screeches outside in the hallway..

On opening the door I was confronted by an 8 legged 5ft something cockroach looking at me with a quirky smile while in the distance was Charlie Chaplin swinging his cane.


 The atmosphere around the corridors that evening was one of great fun… doors opening and closing, screeches, laughter, giggles, panic… it was all such a buzz.

 Because of a “costume malfunction” I arrived late into the dining room that evening. When I did eventually get there, well….. I will never forget the atmosphere and the buzz that hit me in the room. The laughter, fun & excitement was electric and so contagious! It was absolutely fantastic and everyone had an amazing night…






Fancy dress – for some, it can take them out of their comfort zone way before the actual event even happens – trying to decide who to dress up as, what to wear, worry of being over dressed or under dressed and just generally self conscious about arriving in your chosen gear…. but once you are dressed and in the room surrounded by other fancy dressers – oh what a laugh you have!

I never dressed up in my adult life until 3 years ago. I have to admit that I was really apprehensive and definitely out of my comfort zone. Now though – I love it.

I still feel nervous and definitely a little apprehensive about the approaching Game of Thrones themed party. I still don’t know who or what to dress up as…! But I know without a shadow of doubt that no matter what happens, we will all have an absolute howl of a night…..




So, Im sure most of you have heard that this year we decided to have a themed fancy dress.

The theme being: Game of Thrones

I am very aware not everybody has seen Game of Thrones.


This is perfectly fine…. don’t despair, all is not lost!!!!

All you have to do is to just dress up medieval style.


Below I have got a few links to places were you can buy online or even make your own!! Have a look, maybe something from the choices below will help generate some ideas for you…

For those Glenwalkers who have never watched Game of Thrones, these are tips / pointers to help get some ideas flowing




(Don’t stop here….explore further on You Tube for more idea’s – I just posted these 2 similar vids)


Guys n Girls – believe it or not – make your own in 4 mins!!

<a href=”https://youtu.be/XaH6v70h3ys“>https://youtu.be/XaH6v70h3ys

This vid is pretty similar and the guy talks a lot!! I reckon the video could have been done in 4 mins or less! anyway, there are one or 2 little ideas here..

<a href=”https://youtu.be/8EcoCPU_vhw“>https://youtu.be/8EcoCPU_vhw



Grab little ideas from these Pinterest pictures.

(Pinterest is great for pictures and ideas for anything really…)

<a href=”https://www.pinterest.ie/explore/medieval-costume/?lp=true“>https://www.pinterest.ie/explore/medieval-costume/?lp=true










<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC14281“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC14281

Warrior Tunic €23

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC12816“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC12816

Medieval Sword €6

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC12816“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANC12816

Kings Crown €3

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=HATSCROW“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=HATSCROW

Jewelled Dagger €4

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANA127“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANA127

Medieval Vest €5 (not sure what size it is though)

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANA161“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=FANA161


There are all sorts of medieval accessories that can be bought online

Rings, necklaces, wigs, crowns, swords

<a href=”https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeThemeListing.aspx?TC=54&pmo=fah“>https://www.woodiespartyzone.ie/Fancy-Dress/CostumeThemeListing.aspx?TC=54&pmo=fah


More accessories can be got here.. great bow & arrow set in her for €15

<a href=”https://www.funidelia.ie/costumes/medieval/3276?filter-term-3-topics%5B%5D=267&filter-term-3-typologies%5B%5D=227&filter-range-1-del_min%5B%5D=&order_products=availability-asc“>https://www.funidelia.ie/costumes/medieval/3276?filter-term-3-topics%5B%5D=267&filter-term-3-typologies%5B%5D=227&filter-range-1-del_min%5B%5D=&order_products=availability-asc




Just a few more pictures below to help get the ideas flowing:





NEXT POST:   Coming soon……The different characters in Game of Thrones and a brief description of each!

Westport Weekend will be opening soon for booking – We will keep you posted!


Have fun folks!